Need more time

Day 20 of the blog everyday in May challenge is share something you're struggling with. Struggling? Well thankfully and I feel very blessed because of it, there are no real struggles in my life at the moment. But if I had to really name one struggle I currently have it's that there aren't enough hours in my day and days in my week to do all that I have planned. Big struggle and issue I know *insert sarcastic tone* 

I have the daily battle of there not being enough hours in my evenings to be able to go home after work (and gym), write my blog posts, cook dinner, find time to watch all my favourite shows, read all the fabulous books I have lined up and still get to bed at a reasonable time.  

Then on the weekends I have the problem of, so much to do yet no drive to do any of it. I would much rather sleep in for that little bit longer. I know, I know at this point you're probably thinking "Stop complaining, other people have real problems'" and you would be right. 

But we all have an know those days where you have so much to do yet no inclination to do any of it. For this I blame Pinterest. I always used to be procrastination free (by a small margin) until I discovered that website. It's like the more stuff I have to get through the more I procrastinate. 

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