Man's best friend

Day 18 of the blog every day in May challenge is tell a story from your childhood. Surprisingly enough that's a pretty tough one. There are so many stories from my childhood that I’d like to share. For as long as I can remember we have always had dogs in the house. There was my mom's Toy Pom (Teddy) which hated my sister and I because we replaced him in his role as the family baby. Then there was the second Toy Pom who would bark at us for no reason and chew the carpet, the black and white woolly pavement special that kinda become a member of the family.

There was always one constant in our family when it came to dogs and that’s the Staffies or also know as Staffordshire Bull Terrier. At one stage we had two Staffies one named Province (after my dad's favourite rugby team) and Lulu (she was named for us). Province had been a member of our family from before I started Primary School. He was the most obedient dog you could ever have. Round about the time I was 10 years old we got Lulu. In the beginning her and Province couldn't stand one another but as time went by they grew fond of one another and eventually had puppies.

Six beautiful black and puppies with the exception of one brown one (just like her dad, Province). My sister and I just loved these puppies and named every one of them. Their names ranged from Sokkies, Blackie (very original I know) to Bruines. Those puppies were such a handful and as much as we would have loved to keep them they were slowly starting to chew through our whole garden, as Staffies do.

A few years passed and after both Province and Lulu passed away (many a tear was shed for all these dogs) we got another Staffie, named Stormer. Named after another one of my dad's favourite rugby teams. Now Stormer was a complete handful but such a fun loving dog. He was like the naughty little brother you never had. He would chase my sister and I all around the garden and house. 

All of these dogs added to our lives in such a unique way and each one was special in their own way. Dogs really do make a home feel happier. 

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