Looking back

Day 21 of the blog everyday is May challenge is a list of links to your favourite posts in your archive. Now that's a easy and fun one to do. Might have a few cringe moments as you get to see how bad some of my posts used to be. Oh well, here we go. 

A responsible trip around Cape Town - a full expenses paid trip of a lifetime to beautiful Cape Town. I was nominated for a media award. 

Organising your space - I love organising and reorganising/designing rooms in the house. 

A delicious family feast - I love Sunday afternoon meal times with the family. 

The happiest place on earth - Now who doesn't love Disneyland.

Big movie experience - Movies, picnic and friends. It was such a fun afternoon out with everyone. 

Cake angels - Love the show, love baking and loved the experience of being there. 

This was actually such a nice trip down blog memory lane. 

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