It's just annoying

Day 22 of the blog every day in May challenge is rant about something. This could be a pet peeve, an issue you have or whatever. Today I'm here to talk about indicators, yes indicators. You know that orange light that's a part of your car which is supposed to show people if you'll be turning left, right or changing lanes, yes I'm talking about those indicators. 

They're not an accessory to make your car look pretty, you're actually meant to use it. There is nothing more annoying than driving behind someone and they suddenly they turn or change lanes and you have to swerve to avoid them.

Those people who approach a roundabout or four-way stop and because they're not using an indicator you assume they're going straight only to have them turn in front of you. 

Indicators are not a bonus feature that you pre-order with your car, they come standard and I really wish people would use them. 

That's all...


  1. drives me crazy too! makes me want to hurt somebody! haha

  2. HAHAH great rant!

    Blinkers are there for a reason!!!

    1. lol, I have my funny moments...but seriously, they're not an accessory ;)

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