Day fifteen of the blog every day in May challenge is a day in the life of. Well today is Wednesday and as much as I'd love to say my typical week day is an interesting one this is unfortunately not the case. So I'll make it a short and sweet one, just so I don't bore you to death. 

My day typically goes a little something like this:

Wake up at 7:00am but only really get out of bed at about 7:10am.
I wash my face, get dressed, do my hair and put on some make-up.
Go through to the kitchen, have breakfast and pack my lunch.
Then I go to work and do this all day....

Then at about 16:30 or 17:00 (depending on how busy I am at this point) I head on over to the gym.
After gym and now feeling particularly exhausted I return home to spend my evening cooking, chatting to the boyfriend, having some wine, watching some of my favourite TV shows and writing a blog post or two. 

Actually looking back it, I have some very busy days....

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