I miss it..

Day 12 of the blog everyday in May challenge is what do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place or time in your life...) Where do I even begin, because there are so many things that I miss but I guess the one thing that I miss the most has to be my days of doing ballet. My parent's favourite story to tell from my ballet days, is from the time when I was four years old. I was part of the annual concert and dressed as a bunny, floppy ears and all. One of my bunny ears was a bit of of droopy one and apparently I would tug on it all the time. 

On the night of the concert I got stage fright and refused to go on stage, my mom tried everything to get me on that stage. She even guilt tripped me, telling me that my dad was rushing over from a business trip just to see me perform, well not even that worked. Her last resort was mentioning that if I didn't go on stage my ballet teacher wasn't going to give me any sweets, needless to stay I ran on to stage and performed the final number with the rest of the bunnies. It just goes to prove, sweets can fix anything....lol.

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