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Day 19 of the blog everyday in May challenge is your favourite blogs and why you love them. I read so many different blogs but when it comes to the few I really would like you to know about it's an easy choice as to which I'd like to share. So without further delay, here are my favourite blogs. 

I love Megan's blog for the stories she tells, the clothes she features and for the love she has for her husband. She is an American living in the UK and tells her stories and adventures in such an interesting way. It's like you were right there on that adventure with her. 

I love Bailey's blog because even though she is a online DJ, brand ambassador and public figure she still finds the time to appreciate the small things in life. Bailey shares every aspect of her life, from the red carpet events to the love she has for her English Bulldog Duke. 

Che's blog is one of the funniest blogs I read. She writes and illustrates her daily life in such a unique and humorous way. I find myself laughing at her posts on a daily basis, whether it's about a flight with a creepy guy sitting next to her or drinking wine with a straw through a window. 

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