Little girl adventures

Well it's about that time. The time when this challenge has to end *insert sad face here.* I had so much fun doing this challenge and I'm even more surprised that I actually managed to blog everyday (go me). Throughout the challenge I discovered new and exciting blogs to follow, made a new blogger friend or two and discussed a topic(s) that I had never discussed before on my blog. I'm so happy I did this challenge and I will jump at the chance to do another one like this. Well, before I get any 'deeper' on the topic let's get to today's post. 

Day 31 of the blog every day in May challenge is a vivid memory. Now when I think vivid memory I think of my childhood and all the adventures my sister and I had as little girls. The time we drank yogurt with a straw and thought we were such geniuses for making this discovery, little did we know Yogi sip had just been released. 

The tea parties we would have in the garden with all our dolls and if the dogs happened to be around they got roped into joining the tea party as well. I think we might even have made them wear hats. Which explains why they would run away anytime we carried any form of dolls clothing in their direction. 

The millions of tiny ponytails we would attempt to tie in my dad's already thin hair, oh and don't forget that we would use all of our biggest scrunchies. The hairstyles never lasted long, I mean you can't tie one strand of hair with such a big scrunchie...lol

The dress up parties we would have with my mom's old clothes and then proceed to walk around the house in her high heels thinking we were all that. 

Oh my sister and I had so many different adventures. There is the spaceship story line, the office party, the library that we ran from our bedrooms and our imaginary horses that were actually big rocks in our backyard.  These however are stories for another time, because otherwise this post would never end.

So thanks for sticking around and reading all of my blog everyday in May posts. 


No more

Day 30 of the blog everyday in May challenge is react to the term letting go. Now when I think of this term I think of all the hurt, pain, fear, regret and insecurities I may have in my life. I think of how silly I am sometimes for holding onto these feelings or for even having these kinds of feelings. 

Letting go means not worrying as much and learning to accept certain things, relationships and situations for the way they are. Letting go for me is being even happier (because I already am so happy) with what I have, focusing on the positive things in each day, something I strive to do as much as possible and not getting caught up in other people's negative ways. 

Now that being said all of this is obviously a lot easier said than done, but it's something I really want to achieve. 


Music to my ears

Day 29 of the blog everyday in May challenge is five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. This is a really nice post to do, because I'm always making up a sound track which I think describes my life (weird I know). 

The road trips down to our house on the coast. 
Somehow Air Supply's CD would always end up as part of the road trip playlist. 

High school, because "Loser" which made this song famous had just been released. 

The Contiki trip my sister and I took in 2005.
On this trip we met fellow South Africans who we're still very good friends with. 
This was the song our tour director would use to wake us up every time we reached a destination. 

Makes me think back to all my days (years) of doing ballet. 

This song will always make me think of love and the feeling of being in love. 


Photo diary

Day 28 of the blog everyday in May challenge is only pictures. So here is a photo diary of what I've been up to lately. 

Had a party with some helium balloons

Went to a friend's dress up 30th Birthday

Enjoyed some wine on a relaxing evening at home

Went to a chocolate appreciation class

Admired the sunset while driving home one evening


Dear Reader

Day 27 of the blog everyday in May challenge is a letter to your readers

Dear Readers, 

Where does one even begin to thank each and every single one of you for the love and support that you have given towards the creative outlet that is my blog. Yes sometimes I blog about what must seem like the biggest load of rubbish to some (if not all) of you. 

My DIY weekend projects that I've made and you probably think "what's that suppose to be or how am I going to use that?" You have all patiently waited around while I designed and redesigned my blog. 

So I have to thank each and everyone of you who has clicked on, liked, followed this blog and hung around while I molded my baby into being the platform that I have always wanted it to be. Now my blog may be nowhere near perfect, but it is a working progress. 

I present you with the opportunity to give me your opinion. If there is anything you would like me to write about, perhaps go over again (with a fresher perspective), or perhaps a tutorial you would like to see on the blog then please let me know. 

You are after all what keeps me going and drives and inspires me to be as creative as possible. 




Online discoveries

Day 26 of the blog everyday in May challenge is something you read online. Now surprisingly enough this is a hard one for me because there is so much  read online on a daily basis. This is because 1) It's a part of my job and 2) I'm kinda obsessed with the online world. So instead of sharing the boring online reads with you, I will leave you with some funnies. 

Seal Pups On Surfboard

Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

and then one of my daily favourites on Twitter:

Enjoy a good laugh on a Sunday afternoon. 


Energy overload

Day 25 of the blog everyday in May challenge is something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget. Wow, that's actually a hard one as so many people tell me things about me and I'm one of those weird people who remembers it all (weirdo I know). If I had to choose one thing that really stood out to me it would be that I'm a very lively person. 

Now when someone tells you you're "lively" do they mean it in a good way or a bad way? Lively can be happy, energetic and fun to be around or it could mean exhausting, loud and over the top. I'm going to think of it as the former though. I mean I'm always full of energy (I have a real problem sitting still for long periods of time) and I get up to the strangest things sometimes. I think my family can attest to some of my wacky ideas! This huge serving of energy I have been given in life is half the reason I have a blog, a little something to channel it all into.


The not so pretty me

Day 24 of the blog everyday in May challenge is your top three worst traits. I'm not going to lie, this is my least favourite post so far. No one likes focusing on the bad things about themselves! So let's get this over with. 

I'm a bit of a know it all
This has got to be the one thing I hate the most about myself. It's such a unflattering aspect in a person. I don't know what is with me that I have this desire to always be right and act like I know everything?! I find it annoying when others are this way, yet I do the same. I do work very hard at not being this way though. 

Procrastinator of note
Yes, I am always busy and yes I do get everything done but it takes a whole lot of procrastination before I get anything done or even started for that matter. While I was at University I once repacked and organised my whole entire cupboard in an effort to not have to sit down and start studying. The good thing is that once I get to the point of sitting down and doing something I get it done and won't leave it alone until it's finished. 

Neat freak
While being a neat freak can be a strong trait it can also be a vey bad trait. I get so pedantic about things constantly having to be tidy and in their right places. I think I drive my poor boyfriend inane sometimes. For example he'll be cooking and I'll pack away around him, then he'll turn around and say "Babe I was still using that." I have improved slightly though, now I ask him "Are you done with this?" before packing it away or placing it in the dishwasher. lol

Well there you have it, the ugly truth...


I didn't get taught that

Day 23 of the blog everyday in May challenge is things you've learned that school won't teach you

1. School never taught us that friends will come and go. Nobody likes loosing a friend and we all like to think that some will be around forever but drifting apart and going separate directions is just a way of life. 

2. Book smart and street smart are two very different things. Yes at school it's all about being book smart and getting good grades but in life you need to be street smart as well. 

3. Don't reach for the sweets. When you're young your metabolism is on a all time high and you can eat whatever you want, but as you get older it slows down and calories become your enemy. So practice good eating habits from the start because those sweets will go straight to your ass...lol.

4. Once you leave high school no one cares whether you were in the popular group or not. People accept or don't accept you for who you are. They don't care if you have the latest brand label this or that. They just want your friendship. 

Life, the biggest lesson you'll ever have. 


It's just annoying

Day 22 of the blog every day in May challenge is rant about something. This could be a pet peeve, an issue you have or whatever. Today I'm here to talk about indicators, yes indicators. You know that orange light that's a part of your car which is supposed to show people if you'll be turning left, right or changing lanes, yes I'm talking about those indicators. 

They're not an accessory to make your car look pretty, you're actually meant to use it. There is nothing more annoying than driving behind someone and they suddenly they turn or change lanes and you have to swerve to avoid them.

Those people who approach a roundabout or four-way stop and because they're not using an indicator you assume they're going straight only to have them turn in front of you. 

Indicators are not a bonus feature that you pre-order with your car, they come standard and I really wish people would use them. 

That's all...


Looking back

Day 21 of the blog everyday is May challenge is a list of links to your favourite posts in your archive. Now that's a easy and fun one to do. Might have a few cringe moments as you get to see how bad some of my posts used to be. Oh well, here we go. 

A responsible trip around Cape Town - a full expenses paid trip of a lifetime to beautiful Cape Town. I was nominated for a media award. 

Organising your space - I love organising and reorganising/designing rooms in the house. 

A delicious family feast - I love Sunday afternoon meal times with the family. 

The happiest place on earth - Now who doesn't love Disneyland.

Big movie experience - Movies, picnic and friends. It was such a fun afternoon out with everyone. 

Cake angels - Love the show, love baking and loved the experience of being there. 

This was actually such a nice trip down blog memory lane. 


Need more time

Day 20 of the blog everyday in May challenge is share something you're struggling with. Struggling? Well thankfully and I feel very blessed because of it, there are no real struggles in my life at the moment. But if I had to really name one struggle I currently have it's that there aren't enough hours in my day and days in my week to do all that I have planned. Big struggle and issue I know *insert sarcastic tone* 

I have the daily battle of there not being enough hours in my evenings to be able to go home after work (and gym), write my blog posts, cook dinner, find time to watch all my favourite shows, read all the fabulous books I have lined up and still get to bed at a reasonable time.  

Then on the weekends I have the problem of, so much to do yet no drive to do any of it. I would much rather sleep in for that little bit longer. I know, I know at this point you're probably thinking "Stop complaining, other people have real problems'" and you would be right. 

But we all have an know those days where you have so much to do yet no inclination to do any of it. For this I blame Pinterest. I always used to be procrastination free (by a small margin) until I discovered that website. It's like the more stuff I have to get through the more I procrastinate. 


Blogs to love..

Day 19 of the blog everyday in May challenge is your favourite blogs and why you love them. I read so many different blogs but when it comes to the few I really would like you to know about it's an easy choice as to which I'd like to share. So without further delay, here are my favourite blogs. 

I love Megan's blog for the stories she tells, the clothes she features and for the love she has for her husband. She is an American living in the UK and tells her stories and adventures in such an interesting way. It's like you were right there on that adventure with her. 

I love Bailey's blog because even though she is a online DJ, brand ambassador and public figure she still finds the time to appreciate the small things in life. Bailey shares every aspect of her life, from the red carpet events to the love she has for her English Bulldog Duke. 

Che's blog is one of the funniest blogs I read. She writes and illustrates her daily life in such a unique and humorous way. I find myself laughing at her posts on a daily basis, whether it's about a flight with a creepy guy sitting next to her or drinking wine with a straw through a window. 

Man's best friend

Day 18 of the blog every day in May challenge is tell a story from your childhood. Surprisingly enough that's a pretty tough one. There are so many stories from my childhood that I’d like to share. For as long as I can remember we have always had dogs in the house. There was my mom's Toy Pom (Teddy) which hated my sister and I because we replaced him in his role as the family baby. Then there was the second Toy Pom who would bark at us for no reason and chew the carpet, the black and white woolly pavement special that kinda become a member of the family.

There was always one constant in our family when it came to dogs and that’s the Staffies or also know as Staffordshire Bull Terrier. At one stage we had two Staffies one named Province (after my dad's favourite rugby team) and Lulu (she was named for us). Province had been a member of our family from before I started Primary School. He was the most obedient dog you could ever have. Round about the time I was 10 years old we got Lulu. In the beginning her and Province couldn't stand one another but as time went by they grew fond of one another and eventually had puppies.

Six beautiful black and puppies with the exception of one brown one (just like her dad, Province). My sister and I just loved these puppies and named every one of them. Their names ranged from Sokkies, Blackie (very original I know) to Bruines. Those puppies were such a handful and as much as we would have loved to keep them they were slowly starting to chew through our whole garden, as Staffies do.

A few years passed and after both Province and Lulu passed away (many a tear was shed for all these dogs) we got another Staffie, named Stormer. Named after another one of my dad's favourite rugby teams. Now Stormer was a complete handful but such a fun loving dog. He was like the naughty little brother you never had. He would chase my sister and I all around the garden and house. 

All of these dogs added to our lives in such a unique way and each one was special in their own way. Dogs really do make a home feel happier. 


Favourite photo

Day seventeen of the blog everyday in May challenge is a favourite photo of yourself. Well that's an easy one to do. 

This photo was taken almost two years ago. I had just finished my honours degree and this would be the last of the long varsity holidays that I would ever have. The boyfriend and I had gotten up even earlier that morning (as it was our last day) to take a walk on the beach and through the nature reserve. This was the perfect end to a perfect holiday. 


Why complain

Day sixteen of the blog every day in May challenge is "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it. Well when I first read this topic I thought to myself "Oh I could think of a few things to write about." But then the more I thought about it the more I realised those weren't really things worth "complaining about." 

I did also come to realise that the battles I had in the past have made me more grateful for what I have today and where I am in my life. The future is bright and beautiful. Now if only my job would magically become that dream job I'm striving for...lol



Day fifteen of the blog every day in May challenge is a day in the life of. Well today is Wednesday and as much as I'd love to say my typical week day is an interesting one this is unfortunately not the case. So I'll make it a short and sweet one, just so I don't bore you to death. 

My day typically goes a little something like this:

Wake up at 7:00am but only really get out of bed at about 7:10am.
I wash my face, get dressed, do my hair and put on some make-up.
Go through to the kitchen, have breakfast and pack my lunch.
Then I go to work and do this all day....

Then at about 16:30 or 17:00 (depending on how busy I am at this point) I head on over to the gym.
After gym and now feeling particularly exhausted I return home to spend my evening cooking, chatting to the boyfriend, having some wine, watching some of my favourite TV shows and writing a blog post or two. 

Actually looking back it, I have some very busy days....


Happy thoughts and things

Day fourteen of the blog everyday in May challenge is ten things that make you really happy. Ten things that make me happy, now there is a list that I can whip up in a matter of minutes because everybody loves a happy moment.

1. Time with family and friends.
2. Some cuddles on a rainy afternoon.
3. Getting to lie in on the weekends and read a good book.
4. A cup of tea.
5. The smell of onions being fried.
6. A big bubble bath when I'm feeling sick.
7. Watching my favourite childhood movies.
8. When I get a really great idea.
9. A clean and tidy home.
10. Getting to wear my slippers when I get home from work.  


So about that...

Day thirteen of the blog everyday in May challenge is issue a public apology (this can be serious or funny). I have a few people I'd like to reach out to and say sorry to. Now before you think I'm going to get all sad and soppy on you, think again! This is an apology of a different kind.

To all my family and friends, I'd like to say sorry. Sorry for getting a little obsessed and making you all sit through my crazy moments of randomness, creativity, blog obsession, Facebook and Twitter stalking (Oh come on...we all do it from time to time). I am sorry that I tend to get a little over excited about a certain blog post/idea/DIY project and then that becomes all I want to do all weekend long. I'd like to say sorry for my verbal diarrhea moments which you all sit politely through and listen to every word while probably thinking "would she shut up already" (But that's exactly why you guys love me, right?). 

For this I appreciate each and everyone of you. You guys are the best.  


I miss it..

Day 12 of the blog everyday in May challenge is what do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place or time in your life...) Where do I even begin, because there are so many things that I miss but I guess the one thing that I miss the most has to be my days of doing ballet. My parent's favourite story to tell from my ballet days, is from the time when I was four years old. I was part of the annual concert and dressed as a bunny, floppy ears and all. One of my bunny ears was a bit of of droopy one and apparently I would tug on it all the time. 

On the night of the concert I got stage fright and refused to go on stage, my mom tried everything to get me on that stage. She even guilt tripped me, telling me that my dad was rushing over from a business trip just to see me perform, well not even that worked. Her last resort was mentioning that if I didn't go on stage my ballet teacher wasn't going to give me any sweets, needless to stay I ran on to stage and performed the final number with the rest of the bunnies. It just goes to prove, sweets can fix anything....lol.


Only ten?

Day 11 of the blog everyday in May challenge is sell yourself in ten words or less. A bit of a tough one because ten words can be too little and too much at the same time! Well here it goes. Mel in ten words:


Yip that's me, little ol me. 


Floor swallow me now

Day ten of the blog everyday in May challenge is the most embarrassing moment. Truth be told I have way too many embarrassing moments, yes I am a bit of a goofball. I'm always making funny noises (even while carrying out mundane tasks) and talking to myself...I do that a lot. Now in order for you to really understand my embarrassment from this story you're going to need some background information. 

When I was 19 my parents decided to live the international life and move overseas (actually dad had to go for work) so they left my sister and I living together in the house. They would visit and they still do visit on a regular basis whenever my dad has business in town. Two years after they moved overseas my sister got engaged and moved in with her now husband. I was then left living on my own in a four bedroom house. Yes it is scary at times, but so much fun as well. So when you live on your own you kinda get into a few habits. You know like talking to yourself, entertaining yourself and walking through the house singing at the top of your lungs (and totally out of key might I add). 

Now that's the background information done so lets get to the real story. 

A year or two ago my parents were out here for one of their visits. On this particular day my mom was out shopping or something, I was home studying (I like to close my bedroom door, even though I live alone) for a varsity exam and my dad had gone to work. On one of my many coffee breaks I was walking to the kitchen with a blanket wrapped over my head and body like it was a giant hoodie (as one does). Not only was I covered in this colourful blanket but I also happened to be signing and making funny voices. While waiting for the kettle to boil I stood in front of the oven and made funny voices to my own reflection in the glass. It was a little something along the lines of "Luke I am your father," which proceeded to a Austin Powers rendition of "Daddy wasn't there to take me to the fair." 

The next thing I knew there stand both my parents in the doorway to the kitchen staring at me with that expression of "WTF are you doing?" As it turns out, while I was studying behind my closed door my dad had returned from his meeting and my mom had come home from the shops. Now being your parents they kinda understand your crazyness, not that it made the moment any less embarrassing and being my family the moment got repeated to my sister, brother-in-law and boyfriend that night at dinner. 

You just have to love family hey...


Those were the days..

Day nine of the blog everyday in May challenge is A moment in your day. Well 'my moment' is actually not from today but rather a few days ago. I was back at the University were I completed my degrees attending the boyfriend's graduation. Being back on that campus and walking through the building sure did bring back some good memories. 

It got me thinking about how blessed our student days were. We would often spend our days lazing around on the grass talking about who knows what, going to the student centre buying junk food and not having go straight to your ass. Quite often our preferred pastime was lazing on the grass basking in the sunlight (oh those winter months) instead of actually attending our classes. Although I love my job I do certainly miss those days of hanging out with friends all day, having so many holidays a year and getting to sleep in, if you didn't have any early classes that is. Oh to be a student again!

Just look at that grass. Doesn't it look so inviting?

Celebratory dinner time


Wise words

Day eight of the blog everyday in May challenge is A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all. Every now and again I am given or hear some very good advice being passed down to someone. But the most important and useful piece of advice I have ever been given is: 

1. Treat others as you wish to be treated

2. Learn to let go.

The first piece of advice has stuck with me for a long time. I have been on the receiving end where someone could have or has treated me in an unfair manner. I always try and be nice to people (although I do slip up sometimes) because you never know what kind of battle they may be fighting. I even apply this when it comes to people begging on the side of the road. I like to believe that were I to end up in the same position (although I pray I never will) someone would be just as kind to me.  

The second piece of advice I think a lot of people could use is "let go." This is because you will undoubtedly have situations in your life were someone is unkind or hurtful towards you. The art of surviving and not letting it get to you is to let go and not focus on those words or actions but rather choose to see the beauty of and good things in your life.

Some food for thought....


What am I most afraid of

Day seven of the blog everyday challenge is The thing(s) you're most afraid ofThings I fear most in the world? No, I am not referring to spiders, snakes and those kind of fears. I'm talking about fears that will affect you more than you know. Like losing a loved one or friend. Those are the kinds of things I fear most in the world. My greatest fear is that I'll get that phone call or wake up to the news that someone close to me has moved on and out of this world. 

I can't imagine a life without those close to me. Every now and again when you hear of someone else who has experienced this kind of tragedy it really hits home. It's times like those that gets you thinking about the people in your life and what you would do if something were to happen to any of them. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it but at the same time it's what makes me even more grateful for everything and everyone that is a part of my life. 


My job, more or less...

Day six of the blog everyday in May challenge is If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'? Well to put it simply I get paid to sit and view social media platforms all day long....kidding! But that is one of the aspects of my job. I am a writer and online content coordinator for a publisher of three health magazines.

On a daily basis I write a number of articles for all three magazines, manage their social media campaigns/platforms and keep their websites up to date. Sounds pretty fun right? I have to admit it's a load of fun but super busy at the same time. I come up with ways to promote and sell the magazines on the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and various other online platforms. This involves developing different and quirky ways to word things that will not only entice people but also encourages them to come back for more. I enjoy my job so much as everyday is a different challenge. Particularly when it comes to a dealing with confused, angry, excited or enthusiastic readers.  Oh and don't forget the part where I get to play around on Facebook and Twitter all day...lol!


She gets it..

Day five of the blog everyday in May challenge is Publicly profess your love to someone (blogger, friend or family member). All of us who have siblings knows that there will never be anyone in this world who will quite understand you like your sister or brother. My sister gets my obsession with shoes, cupcakes, baking 'cute' things and social media. She is the one person I can go clothes shopping with and knows when I'm being total sarcastic about those 'to die' for ugly items in certain stores. We even have a combined baking/cooking blog together called Koeksisters

To inspire

Day four of the blog everyday in May challenge is Favourite quote and why you love it? When it comes to quotes there are so many that I love. I love them for the inspiration they bring to my life, the reminder of what I have done/achieved and others just put things into perspective (the hey my life is actually pretty darn great kinda quotes). Oh there are of course the quotes that apply to everyday life yet we are always too quick to forget about it. Below are just a few of my favourite quotes, if you have a look at my Pinterest boards you will see I'm a bit of a quote collector. 


That awkward moment

Day three of the blog everyday in May challenge is Things that make you uncomfortable? Uncomfortable.....*stares at screen with a side eye.* Well when it comes to being or feeling uncomfortable there isn't an awful lot that really makes me uncomfortable. For me it's more a combination of uncomfortable, stuff that freaks me out and the "let's just not go there." On the top of my list..

Public bathrooms, I don't know what it is about public bathrooms that I don't like but for as long as I can remember I've never liked going into any of them. It might be that I'm a bit of a germaphobe...I mean how many times a day do you have to use hand sanitizer before it's just weird?! 

Standing in a queue at the post office, drivers license department or grocery store and some stranger is standing behind you but they're so close that you can feel them breathing down your neck! Don't people understand that we all have personal space bubbles and you don't ever invade one another's bubble? Well unless your family or something. 

The most awkward has got to be when you're sitting in the lounge happily watching a movie with the family and out of nowhere there is a sex scene! It's at this point where I try my best to get eaten by the couch.

Those awkward uncomfortable moments....don't you just love them...


The enthusiastic baker

Day two of the blog everyday in May challenge is “educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.” Now I may not necessarily be a complete expert on the topic but I am most definitely an avid fan and enthusiast and I consider myself to be quite good at it. I’ve baked cup cakes, cakes, tarts, macrons, cookies, bread rolls and many more. 

I have learn’t a lot over the course of my baking adventures, picked up a few tips and tricks, and even made a how to guide of my own. I have always had a love for baking but it wasn’t until I started my blog (a little over a year ago) that I really felt challenged to bake more and try the more interesting recipes.

Here are some of the tips baking tips:

  1. Never use cold eggs, they should always be room temperature. Room temperature eggs helps the mixture to emulsify properly.
  2. When lining a pan with butter, always use a pastry brush because it will ensure proper and even coverage.
  3. Always rotate you pan(s) during baking. That way your baked goods are evenly baked across all sides.
  4. Once you have removed a cake from the oven, allow it to "cool" upside down. This will even out the top of the cake and make staking easier.  


Shorty problems...

So for the month of May, I have taken on a bit of a challenging task. I will be participating in the Blog everyday in May Challenge run by the beautiful and inspiring Jenni from Story of My Life. I am rather excited about some of the topics while others I'm still wondering what on earth I am going to talk about. Wait what? I don't have a problem when it comes to talking, in fact some would say I talk too much (verbal diarrhea anyone). Well either way I think it's going to be a month of fun so let's give it a go. 


Day one of the blog everyday in May challenge is: The story of my life. I've decided to take a bit of a humorous spin with the chosen topic. 

So if there is one thing that is the most obvious about me, it's that I'm kinda short. Yip, I have a height problem or as some people like to call it...I'm vertically challenged. My height has made for some seriously hilarious situations. Like the fact that people always think I'm younger than I really am and once I tell them my real age they get that look of complete surprise which leads to "No really." This is the story of my life.....

The downside is I've been handed the kiddies menu at restaurants more times than I can count (face palm). I almost always get asked for ID at bars and clubs (in my student days). It's become a bit of a guessing game..."is that bouncer going to ask for my ID, or isn't he." But by the time I'm in my forties I'll look like a thirty year old...bonus. Now at this point you might be wondering, just how short am I? Well here we go...

A few bonuses about being short:
I always manage to find shoes, because everyone else wears the more common sizes (like everyone else..lol).
I sometimes shop in the young adults section. Yes I honestly do that but only if it's something really awesome. 
I could probably if I tried qualify for student discount at certain places.
I never have the problem of pants being too short but then again they're always too long..oh darn!

I'm taking part in the blog everyday in May challenge. So let's see if I can do it....