Warm and toasty...

This past weekend here in Johannesburg was a particularly FREEZING one. You know it's cold when you go to your local supermarket and they're all sold out of soup! I had so much tea and coffee this past weekend in an effort to stay warm that I kinda lost count. Lots of hot chocolate, tea, coffee...you name it. For me these are some of the highlights of the cold winter months. Oh and getting to wear all my stylish boots of course. So this year I have decided to try something a little different. I'm going to try make all sorts of "hot drinks" other than the normal tea and coffee. 

Homemade Chai

White hot chocolate

Mexican coffee

Hot buttered rum


  1. Flip, you've made me seriously lus now. There are only a few things I love about Winter - warm drinks, soup, onesies and yankee candles :)

  2. haha...sorry;). I'm so getting a onesie this year!