The thoughts of a small person

So my Birthday is coming up, OK so it's only in eight weeks time. But the fact that it's my Birthday (soonish) got me thinking about all my birthday parties when I was younger and that got me thinking about when I was younger. So pretty much I did a lot of thinking lately and what all this thinking got me to is: Man I used to think of some random stuff when I was younger. 

I used to think that when I poured milk over my Rice Crispies the little men would appear (eventually) and perform the whole snap crackle and pop routine for me.
All cats were female and all dogs were male…lol.
My toys would come to life when I wasn’t looking!
I was going to be a famous athlete someday….OK that one is my parent’s fault because they always told me how brilliant I was.
My duvet was my protective shield from the monsters under my bed. I would get my dad to tuck it all the way around me.

Yes I had some pretty far our thoughts, but I guess most children do. Oh and don’t forget the famous one of the carpet is made of lava and the couch is the only safe area. 

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