Ribbon bracelets

One of my favourite DIY things to make is jewellery. While looking around on Pinterest I found this cute ribbon bracelet tutorial. I've been wanting to try this tutorial for a while now but it seems beautiful and a variety of ribbon is a bit of a mission to find (who knew...lol). The bracelets turned out to be a little harder to make than I thought they would be. For instance the beads and ribbon kept slipping all over the place, which I'm sure made for quite the funny scene (me chasing after beads and ribbon). But when I eventually finished my bracelets I was so happy with how they turned out..(Yay me). Now to look for some more colour combos so I can make a few more.

What you'll need


Start by threading the needle through the ribbon and through the bead. Fold the ribbon underneath the bead and pull the thread through the ribbon once again. 

Once you have threaded a few beads your bracelet should start looking like this.

and voila you're complete bracelet should look like this.

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