Cake angels

I never miss an episode of this show. It's one of my favourite shows to watch, I could watch for hours on end how they decorate the cakes/cupcakes, come up with the designs and have their little family moments (in a true South African humour kinda way). So when we went to Cape Town recently going to Charly's was number one on my list of places to go. So without further ado...I present to you....Charly's Bakery!

Some of the scrumptious cupcakes we bought!


Carrot cupcake

Lemon meringue

Vanilla cupcake

Red velvet

The visit to Charly's was so surreal and the bakery surpassed my expectations. I may be just a little (ok more like a lot) obsessed with this place. The cupcakes were delicious and the whole atmosphere of the place was just so bubbly.


  1. Wow double yum! Can you email me the carrot and red V cake!LOL!!!!

    1. Sure, no problem. It might be a little squished but hey...;) hehe