A Joburg kinda luck

The Easter/long weekend has left us (sad face) but the nice thing is that I had a wonderful time away with the family. Six beautiful and action packed days down in the Western Cape. Ok, it rained for two of those days but hey, that didn't spoil our fun and tasting sessions. One of our first stops when we reached Cape Town was to go up Table Mountain. 

It was a beautiful warm and wind free day in the Cape (you know those summer days they always show in the movies...yes one of those). 

The top of the mountain however was a different story...lol. This is only the kind of luck a Joburg person can have when it comes to weather in Cape Town.

There was however a break in the clouds and we got to see a little bit of the ocean but only a little bit. Hey it's good enough for me. 

See coming back down the weather is perfect.

In hindsight we should probably have done a proper weather check. Oh well, we still had a boat load of fun up there. Every time we saw a patch of blue sky we would get all excited and whip out our cameras. I think even the foreign tourists thought we were a little strange. 

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