Skin matters

I feel one of the most important things every girl should invest in, is a good beauty routine. Always take care of your skin and never take a good complexion for granted. I am very blessed when it comes to my skin. I went all through my teenage years without too many spots.

But just because I have an amazing complexion doesn't mean I am lux when it comes to taking care of my skin. In fact I am almost pedantic about my beauty routine, mainly because I don't want to now all of a sudden have bad skin in my mid twenties (fail).

Now before I start telling you which products I use, let me first of all state that I have not been paid to promote this brand. I am just honestly that happy with my choice of skincare.

For me the Endocil Moisturising Deep Cleanser is brilliant as it’s not too strong so it doesn’t sting my skin or anything like that. It’s gentle and gives my skin that soft smooth feel after each wash.

I prefer to only exfoliate my skin once a week with and for that I use Endocil’s Exfoliating Face Scrub. I find that if you exfoliate your skin too often, it becomes weakened and over-sensitive.

I only use a small amount of Endocil’s Eye Make-up remover (on an earbud) to remove my eyeliner. I don’t really wear eyeshadow and because I use such a small amount once a day the bottle does tend to last me a while.

Once a week I like to apply a face mask. For this I use either one of my homemade masks. Have a look at At home spa, Honey face or Fancy face to read all about my homemade facial delights.

Ok, now for confession time: I don't use a toner, never really have. It’s the one product (no matter which brand)I find that causes a bad reaction with my skin.

When it comes to my day time moisturiser I like to use the Endocil Beauty Fluid SPF-20. I like the SPF one specifically because I know that I have that little bit of sun protection should I need it.

For my eyes I like to use the Endocil eye cream. On a side note: you should never apply eye cream directly on your eyelid as it cause them to puff and become red (ever so slightly). Instead apply it to the area around the eye and rub it gently on your eyelid.

Each night before I go to bed I apply a small amount of Endocil’s night crème to my face. I don't use too much otherwise I end up with an oily and moisturised stained pillow.

Well there you have it, my full beauty routine. Which beauty products do you prefer use? I would really love to know, maybe you have found a better product.  

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