Fun in the dark

Taking part in Earth Hour this Saturday (23 March) and unsure how you'll entertain yourself for an hour with no lights? Well I've come across some really cute and creative things that you can all do in order to celebrate this "earth friendly" hour. 

Enjoy a candlelit dinner

Look through some old picture albums. 
These days with everything being electronic and digital we hardly 
take the time to page through an album of old family photos.

Invite some friends and host a candlelit game night

Go lie outside on the grass and do some stargazing.

Play the real version of hide and seek. 
It could be quite scary but super fun at the same time. 
Just be careful when walking past doors so that 
someone doesn't jump out from behind you...lol.

Take a big bubble bath and line the room with candles. 
It's something I always plan on doing but never get 
around to because I get distracted by what's on 
TV or something on the internet.

Gather all your friends, open a bottle of wine or two. 
Have a picnic in the garden and release some Chinese lanterns. 

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