Kaleidoscope mobile

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a creative weekend and did some crafty projects. One of the things I made was a kaleidoscope mobile (for lack of a better name). I found the original design online, I mean where else do I find most of my inspiration...lol. 

The mobile was so easy to make and my choice of colours go perfectly with the colour palette found anywhere in my home. So no matter where I hang the mobile it will go perfectly with everything. And of course I made sure to take plenty of photos of my mobile project, so that you can make one of your very own. 

What you'll need: 
Paint colour samples (the cardboard ones they give you at the paint shop)
Dowel sticks
Fishing line


Trace and cut out circles onto each of the paint cardboard samples

Make a hole at the bottom and top of each circle and thread the fishing line through the hole

Cut the dowel sticks in half. Hang the rows of coloured circles on each of the dowel sticks and lay the sticks over one another

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