I found treasure

There is nothing better than finding a bargain when it comes to clothes or accessories. It's like discovering a hidden treasure and you want to tell everyone that you found it. This past weekend I had one of those treasure finding moments. I was out with my family and the boyfriend just doing some weekend shopping when I came across this little store. At this particular store I found a skirt that I've always wanted to buy (but it's just been too expensive) for a fraction of the price. Not only did I find the skirt but I also found a bra which I had been planning to buy (it works perfectly with my backless dress) also for a fraction of the price. 

Finding these two 'jewels' got me thinking about all the other treasures I had found over the years. Like the time I went to a local Sunday market and discovered the most beautiful threaded earnings  Every time I wear them I get so many compliments (us girls we love compliments you know...hehe) and people ask me where I got them. 

Call me silly but I feel so proud and chuffed with myself when I discover a find such as these. Have you ever had one of these "treasure" moments? 

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