Big movie experience

On Saturday afternoon/evening we did something a little different. We had a movie experience of another kind. It was an evening of a picnic under the stars while watching the movie Back to the Future. It was by far the most fun I've had watching a movie in a really long time. Upon arrival we were given prop bags courtesy of KFC (who hosted this amazing event). Inside the prop bags were funny coloured wigs, inflatable guitars, crack balls, bubbles and some glow sticks (because it's not a party until you have some glow sticks). 

Throughout the movie a picture of one of the props would pop up on screen where you get to interact with the movie by either waving your prop in the air or making a noise with it (if that particular prop is able to make a noise). Oh and did I mention the flames, smoke and fireworks that also went off during the movie. I highly recommend attending The Big Movie Experience if you find yourself with no plans this coming weekend. You'll be sure to find us there (again). 

Gates open at 17:00 and there is a range of stuff to keep you entertained (games, music, a photo booth and crowd participation activities) while you wait for the movie to start at 20:00. Oh and one last thing...the whole thing is for FREE, barring the food and snacks you take along. The KFC Big Movie Experience is a must for everyone. 

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