We saw some baby eleis..

Now before I start let me first clarify for you exactly what an eley is. It's my nickname for elephants, whether they are big or small. Now I might have mentioned this before but in case you didn't know, I am just a little....OK maybe a lot obsessed with elephants. I just cant get enough of those big grey wrinkly bodies of cuteness, not to mention their slight furriness. I just want to bottle it up and take it with me (yes I do realise how big an elephant is, which is what makes my obsession so funny).    

While we were visiting my parents in Zambia over the December holiday we had the opportunity to go visit a rehabilitation centre for baby elephants. Oh man were those little things just too damn cute for words. The evening before our visit it was absolutely pouring with rain, so while we were there the babies were having a ball in this puddle of water (score)! I warn you the contents of these photos contains loads of adorable and cute babies, I cannot be held responsible for what you will see next...lol.

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