The smoke that thunders

So the holiday is over and it's back to work for most of us. Even though it's sad that it has come to an end, the good thing is all the memories and photos that came from our trip. One of our stops this festive season was Victoria falls, or as some like to call it: "The smoke that thunders." 

The day we were at the falls was a particularly toasty day, so we were rather thankful for the "spray" coming from the falls. Now when I say spray I don't just mean any spray. It was more as if we were walking in the rain. At one point I was so soaked that the water was dripping from my hat and it was absolute bliss. Below are just a few snaps from the day, because to show you all the photos would take a while (we tend to be a snappy happy family). 

This day also happened to be our five year anniversary. 

You'll see this photo looks a bit white. That's the spray from the falls.

The boyfriend and I went for micro light flights over the falls. It was such an awesome experience. Due to safety reasons you are unable to take a camera up with you so I don't have any photos to share from the flight. 

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