Start the new year off right

Happy New Year! I hope 2013 is an awesome year for everyone and that all your dreams come true. So have you drawn up those New Year's resolutions yet? Do you have trouble keeping your resolutions? Well then I have some tips and tricks for you. 

Something manageable
Try making your New Year’s resolutions something that can be realistically achieved but at the same time it must be something that won’t be achieved be too easily. The trick is to make your resolution something that is difficult enough that it may take you most of the year to accomplish it. The perfect is example is learning a new language or doing a course.

Are you ready
New Year’s resolutions are easier to achieve or accomplish when they are something that you actually want to achieve. It is very important to make resolutions for things which you want to achieve and not just something which you think could be fun or interesting.

Get a plan
The best way to make those New Year’s resolutions a reality is to plan and plan properly. Start by writing each and every resolution down, either on a piece of paper or storing it on your phone. Once you are aware what your goals are, you can lay down a plan of action as to how you want to go about achieving them.

Start it as soon as possible
The whole point of a New Year’s resolution is that you start with it at the beginning of the New Year. So don't wait until next month, or until you have more time, make the time and do it. The sooner you start with your resolution list, the closer you are to achieving each one.

Keep it within eyesight
Write down your goals and then be sure to place them somewhere, where you will be constantly “confronted” by them. This way you are forced to look at your resolutions and see what you have accomplished and what you haven’t accomplished. You are more likely to succeed if you are constantly reminded of your resolutions.

Smaller goals
While you are on the path to achieving your resolutions make smaller goals that line up with your resolutions. These goals can be daily, weekly or monthly. The idea behind these small goals is that they help you to stay on track reach the end point.

Everyone likes receiving a reward for all their hard work, so why not make your New Year’s resolutions a rewards system as well. Every time you achieve or accomplish a New Year’s resolution reward yourself, this way you will be inspired or driven to achieve each one of your resolutions.

Create a new habit
Take a look at what you have been doing wrong in the past, what has stopped you from accomplishing your goals in the past. Approach the problems areas immediately and decide how you are going to overcome them.

Positive reinforcement
Read inspirational books or surround yourself with people who are supportive. This way you will be more motivated to get out there and accomplish those resolutions.

Make it public
Keeping your resolution to yourself only reduces your responsibility to actually accomplish your goals. Tell your friends, family and work colleagues about your resolutions. If people know about your goal, they will ask you if you have achieved it yet or how your progress is going. This will only force to stick to what you set out to achieve at the beginning of the year.

Buddy up
The same way people have training or dieting partners, you can also have a New Year’s partner. Find someone who has a similar goal to you and stick together. Obstacles or problems are always easier to achieve when you have someone right beside. By partnering up, you can make sure each of you stay on track, motivate one another, create plans of success and eventually you will achieve your goals.

One at a time
The key to making your New Year’s resolutions a reality is to take it one step at a time. Instead of trying to do everything all together and getting irritated when nothing works out, try to resolve your resolutions one at a time. Pick the one resolution that you really want to achieve and start with that one first.

Don’t beat yourself up
Keep in mind that minor mishaps when reaching your goals are completely normal and not the end of the world. Don’t let them get you down and force you to give up. Everyone has ups and downs; rather focus on coming back from these mistakes and how you are going to get back on track with your resolutions.

Every now and again it’s always a good idea to take a step back and see where you lie with your goals. This gives you the opportunity to see if you are close to making your resolution a reality or if you need to get back on the right path.

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