Fashion envy...

As much as I love looking at fashion brands and their websites, it makes me sad at the same time. I have a serious case of fashion envy when it comes to certain international brands. It's almost as if their ranges and selections are just better than what we can get here in South Africa. Don't get me wrong, there are some real fashion gems here in South Africa (many of which I am yet to discover) but I find myself drawn to the brands and designers overseas. 

I can 'page' through their websites and online catalogues for hours on end. Day dreaming of all the outfits I could be putting together. Oh I'm such a girly girl sometimes...lol. my three top favourite brands are H&M, Forever 21 and Paper Crown. I first fell in love with H&M and Forever 21 when I went to visit my parents in Dubai (they used to live there) a couple of years ago. Thank goodness I was still a student (with a lack of money) at the time because otherwise I would have spent my whole paycheque in those two stores. 

Paper Crown is a fashion line by former reality TV star and clothes designer Lauren Conrad. I used to watch her on The Hills and admire her style and fashion sense. I just love the pieces in the line, because unlike other fashion lines I can actually see myself wearing each and every piece from the line. 

Well a girl can certainly dream. One day I will own a piece of clothing from each of these brands (I will make it my mission), but for now I stare from afar and strive for that day.


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  2. I love your your blog. Will definitely be following it. Thanks for the support.