The packing dilemma

One more week of work left and then we will be flying to Zambia to visit my parents. The joy of a holiday and the idea of getting on a plane have got me so excited that I am counting down the days. Yes, I am a bit weird like that, but who doesn't love the idea of days filled with no work obligations and doing whatever you want. I have to admit, that as much as I love going on holiday, I absolutely despise packing. I have this constant fear that I will forget something, like my shoes or toiletries because believe it or not I have done that before.

It is because of that silly moment that I now follow a packing routine, yes you read right, I have a packing routine. Before you knock it down and think I'm silly why not give it a try. The first thing you have to do before you even think about packing is make a list of everything you plan to take and I mean everything. This way you wont (hopefully) forget anything. You can then tick these items off your list as you pack them into your bag.

Split and rule
Lay everything you plan to take with you on your bed and then cut that selection down by at least half the size. It sounds drastic I know, but it forces you to focus and see what is essential and what you're taking just for the sake of taking it.

Where and what
Think about all the activities you will be doing (or might do) while you're on holiday and place your favourite items of clothing for those types of activities on your bed. Also remember to have everything in piles of tops/shirts, pants (short and long), dresses, shoes, toiletries, hair accessories, make up, jackets/jerseys and swimwear. If something doesn't belong on one of these piles then scrap it.

Always try to choose items of clothing that can be worn with majority of the other items already on your bed. This way you ensure that everything works with everything else and therefore you wont be taking any unnecessary clothing with you.

Pack your shoes right at the bottom of your bag and pack all your underwear, swimwear and other small items of clothing around them. This is a great way to protect your shoes as well as utilise even the small spaces in your bag.

Space saver
The biggest space saver when it comes to your bag is rolling all your clothes and then packing them tightly into your bag. For tailored items or items made of special material, turn those inside out and them roll them up.

Last but not least
Don't take a big bag and pile all of your toiletries, make up and hair accessories in there, it will just take up unnecessary space. The trick is to take smaller ziplock bags and divide all of your toiletries, make up and hair accessories into these. Not only is this a space saver, but it will also prevent your face cream or eye shadow from spilling all over your bag should they pop due to air pressure or heat. The other benefit with them being packed into smaller bags, it makes it easier to slip them in amongst your clothes.

I hope these tips help and make your packing experience a bit more pleasant. 

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