Time to organise

I just love to organise, whether it means tiding my room, repacking my kitchen cupboards or just cleaning my house. Weird I know but for me it's a form of relaxation. My all time favourite thing to organise is my closet, I have a whole system as to how my closet is planned out. The most important thing to remember before you organise your closet, is to spring clean. This means getting rid of all the junk and making space for all the new and pretty items to fit. The rest is pretty simple and easy to follow when it comes to organising your closet.

1. Use hangers
Make sure the items of clothes you use on a regular bases remain crease free and immaculate for next time you intend to wear them. Use hangers and store them in the vertical column in your closet.

2. Categorise
Organise your piles into categories. You could colour code your piles, go according to outfit or occasion. Remember your categories should be done in such a way that each item of clothing is easy to reach and keeps your closet looking neat and tidy.

3. Toss it
We tend to dump all kinds of extra and spare items in our closets with the mindset of “oh I might wear that again.” The truth is, that if you haven't worn it in the last six months chances are you'll never wear it again.

4. Accessories
Have different drawers and boxes to store your belts, purses, socks, makeup, earrings and all the other accessories that you own. If your closet does not have those built-in draws, try store your accessories in the extra drawers located somewhere else in your room.

5. Easy access
If you wear something on a daily basis or at least twice a week, make sure to place it at the front of your closet. That way you wont have to dig through your whole closet to get to it and your “piles” remain neat and tidy.

6. Be seasonal
What is the point of having your winter clothes consume all the space in your closet when it's summer time or having all those summer items taking up space when you need it for your winter coats. A clever idea to save on space is to use storage boxes for the different seasons and then store them away when the clothes are not in use.

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