Each year for the month of November guys from across the world stop shaving and grow moustaches, with some guys getting really creative with their facial hair. This annual facial phenomenon is known as Movember. The aim of Movember is to raise funds and awareness around men’s health, in particular for prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Guys here in South Africa are encouraged to head over to Movember and Sons where they can register as an individual or team and raise as much funds as possible for the cause. The 31st of October is the last time any of these men will have clean shaven faces for the next 30 days. Now I cant grow facial hair like a guy but I did have some fun putting together these coloured moustaches in honour of this great initiative.  

The Handlebar

The Sheriff

The Chevron 

The imperial 

The professor

The Hungarian

The English

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