Longer lasting manicure

I love a manicure as much as the next girl but I do find that keeping my nails looking perfect 24/7 is more of a challenge than anything else. I would love to be one of those girls that can pop into a salon once a week to get her nails done but it can get a little pricey. Thankfully though I have found a way to make my manicure last as long as possible, on average my manicure holds for about two weeks. These are my tips which will help keep your nails pretty and make your manicure last.

Make sure the surface of your nails is perfectly clean. Nail polish holds better to completely dry and polish-free nails. So try to use a lint-free cotton pad and nail polish that is acetone-free.
Paint a base coat over your nail but make sure that it is painted on smoothly and has no bumps or air bubbles.
When you paint your nails make sure to apply nail polish right up to the tip of the nail and over the edge. It should look as if you have painted all the way from the top of your nail over the edge and under the nail. Finish off the whole look with a good quality topcoat.
Try to avoid heat and water for 12 hours after you have painted your nails. It will help the nail polish to dry completely.
Apply oil to your nails and cuticles on a daily basis. This is because cuticle oil contains vitamin E and other essential ingredients that are designed to add moisture back into your nails and help prevent them from chipping or splitting.

Well there you have it, some tricks and tips to help you achieve the perfect home manicure.


  1. I've been spoiled by the $5 manicures I get working as a receptionist in the JCP salon... I still don't get one *every* week, though, but usually every other week. :)

    1. haha, it's my de-stress mechanism but these days I don't get around to it as much as I would like to :(