Give thanks

Here in South Africa we don't really celebrate thanksgiving but I think it's such an awesome way to give thanks and show thanks for all that you have. Now I'm not going to do the usual and say that I'm thankful for my family, friends, career and all that, because I am thankful for that every day. Instead I'm going to put together a list of other things I am grateful for.

Sunny days and being able to lounge by the pool.

Weekend get togethers with friends, where we laugh and just have such an awesome time.

When it's raining or chilly out and I get to snuggle up in bed or in front of the TV.

All the things that inspire me and get my creative ideas and juices flowing.

The holiday seasons, because it's a time of festivity, family, adventure, delicious food and drinks.

I hope you go out there today and show a little thanks. Even if it means simple smiling at someone, greeting that stranger on the street or giving that driver space to get into your lane during rush hour traffic.

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