DIY: Plaited bracelets

Bracelets, I love making them and looking up different ways of making them. This past weekend I sat down and made some plaited bracelets and what I enjoyed most about these is that they are so quick and easy to do. The plaited format is also an added bonus for using different colours and getting super creative. 

What you'll need:
Lobster clasps
Box clasps
Cotton cord


Cut three lengths of the different colours (three colours) of cotton cord. 
Using the box clasp pinch the nine strands together. 
Link the lobster clasp and chain together.

Start plaiting the strands together and loop each of cords through one of the chain links. 

Once you have plaited the cords all the way through pinch together using a box clasp.
Add a lobster claps to the last link in the chain and your bracelet is done, as easy as that.

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