Childhood memories

Just the other day I was packing away a few books at home when I came across one of our family photo albums. Now being a complete photo nut, I just had to page through it (for probably like the 100th time). As I was paging through all the memories I noticed a few things:

1. My mother loved dressing my sister and I in the same outfits (no we're not twins, she is in fact two years older than me).
2. My dad had a lot more hair back then (sorry dad but it's true...lol).
3. My go to hairstyle seemed to be pigtails, and I pulled it off as well. (hehe)
4. I have always had a weird obsession with elephants, the amount of elephant toys I've had!

This all got me thinking about how great it is to be a kid. Don't get me wrong being an adult is wonderful but life is a lot simpler in some aspects when you're a kid. Looking back now it's hilarious what I used to get excited about and the stuff we would get up to.

Waking up and watching three hours of cartoons on a Saturday morning.
Wearing tracksuit pants every day of the week and not feeling ashamed of it.
Getting excited about flying in an airplane.
Getting a free lollipop from the bank, dentist or shop owner.
Drawing really weird pictures on my arm with a pen. 
Being able to say, I'm bored! There's nothing to do and actually mean it.
The mystery of the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa.
Falling asleep in the car on the way home and being carried to bed.
Playing in the street until dad came home from work and getting to “park” the car in the garage.
Choosing my Birthday cake based on the picture in the kiddy cookbook and my mom baking it for me.
The forts my sister and I would build in the passage way and on my parent's bed when they went out on the weekends.
Getting dressed in front of the TV every morning before school.
Having cheese and marmite sandwiches for dinner.

Oh how those were the days and what awesome memories I now have because of them.

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