Silly excitement

It's that time of year again! A time when everyone is trying to finish all their work for the year, schools are wrapping up their academic schedules, university exams are drawing to a close and everyone is dreaming of summer holidays filled with sun and family. Thats right the silly season is here, now for some this is a dreaded time of year as shopping centres become overwhelmingly busy, some get to go on holiday while others are stuck at the office and then of course, the constant playing of Christmas carols.

I must say for me, this time of year is the best time of year. I love getting all creative and thinking of ways to wrap people's gifts and making Christmas cards for everyone. The true highlight for me though is the holiday treats and getting to decorate the table for Christmas lunch. I have been searching for some inspiration and creative concepts for this year's festive season and these are some of the awesome ideas I have come across.  


Time to organise

I just love to organise, whether it means tiding my room, repacking my kitchen cupboards or just cleaning my house. Weird I know but for me it's a form of relaxation. My all time favourite thing to organise is my closet, I have a whole system as to how my closet is planned out. The most important thing to remember before you organise your closet, is to spring clean. This means getting rid of all the junk and making space for all the new and pretty items to fit. The rest is pretty simple and easy to follow when it comes to organising your closet.

1. Use hangers
Make sure the items of clothes you use on a regular bases remain crease free and immaculate for next time you intend to wear them. Use hangers and store them in the vertical column in your closet.

2. Categorise
Organise your piles into categories. You could colour code your piles, go according to outfit or occasion. Remember your categories should be done in such a way that each item of clothing is easy to reach and keeps your closet looking neat and tidy.

3. Toss it
We tend to dump all kinds of extra and spare items in our closets with the mindset of “oh I might wear that again.” The truth is, that if you haven't worn it in the last six months chances are you'll never wear it again.

4. Accessories
Have different drawers and boxes to store your belts, purses, socks, makeup, earrings and all the other accessories that you own. If your closet does not have those built-in draws, try store your accessories in the extra drawers located somewhere else in your room.

5. Easy access
If you wear something on a daily basis or at least twice a week, make sure to place it at the front of your closet. That way you wont have to dig through your whole closet to get to it and your “piles” remain neat and tidy.

6. Be seasonal
What is the point of having your winter clothes consume all the space in your closet when it's summer time or having all those summer items taking up space when you need it for your winter coats. A clever idea to save on space is to use storage boxes for the different seasons and then store them away when the clothes are not in use.


Give thanks

Here in South Africa we don't really celebrate thanksgiving but I think it's such an awesome way to give thanks and show thanks for all that you have. Now I'm not going to do the usual and say that I'm thankful for my family, friends, career and all that, because I am thankful for that every day. Instead I'm going to put together a list of other things I am grateful for.

Sunny days and being able to lounge by the pool.

Weekend get togethers with friends, where we laugh and just have such an awesome time.

When it's raining or chilly out and I get to snuggle up in bed or in front of the TV.

All the things that inspire me and get my creative ideas and juices flowing.

The holiday seasons, because it's a time of festivity, family, adventure, delicious food and drinks.

I hope you go out there today and show a little thanks. Even if it means simple smiling at someone, greeting that stranger on the street or giving that driver space to get into your lane during rush hour traffic.


Childhood memories

Just the other day I was packing away a few books at home when I came across one of our family photo albums. Now being a complete photo nut, I just had to page through it (for probably like the 100th time). As I was paging through all the memories I noticed a few things:

1. My mother loved dressing my sister and I in the same outfits (no we're not twins, she is in fact two years older than me).
2. My dad had a lot more hair back then (sorry dad but it's true...lol).
3. My go to hairstyle seemed to be pigtails, and I pulled it off as well. (hehe)
4. I have always had a weird obsession with elephants, the amount of elephant toys I've had!

This all got me thinking about how great it is to be a kid. Don't get me wrong being an adult is wonderful but life is a lot simpler in some aspects when you're a kid. Looking back now it's hilarious what I used to get excited about and the stuff we would get up to.

Waking up and watching three hours of cartoons on a Saturday morning.
Wearing tracksuit pants every day of the week and not feeling ashamed of it.
Getting excited about flying in an airplane.
Getting a free lollipop from the bank, dentist or shop owner.
Drawing really weird pictures on my arm with a pen. 
Being able to say, I'm bored! There's nothing to do and actually mean it.
The mystery of the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa.
Falling asleep in the car on the way home and being carried to bed.
Playing in the street until dad came home from work and getting to “park” the car in the garage.
Choosing my Birthday cake based on the picture in the kiddy cookbook and my mom baking it for me.
The forts my sister and I would build in the passage way and on my parent's bed when they went out on the weekends.
Getting dressed in front of the TV every morning before school.
Having cheese and marmite sandwiches for dinner.

Oh how those were the days and what awesome memories I now have because of them.


The home pedicure

Pedicures, everyone likes to have their feet massaged and pampered but not everyone has the time to go get a pedicure. It’s actually so easy to give yourself a pedicure, especially with these guidelines so you don't always have to go to the spa to have it done. Next time you’re having a lazy a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV why not give your feet a little TLC.

Soak your feet for a minute or two in a basin of warm water.
When you take your feet out the water lightly pat them dry.
Taking a handful of exfoliating scrub (oil based) massaged it onto your feet.
This exfoliates your skin and gets rid of any dead or dry skin cells.
File and buff your nails, making sure you get ridge of all the ridges and sharp edges.
Apply and rub cuticle oil into your cuticles.
Wipe off any excess oil left on the nails with nail polish remover.
Paint a good quality base coat over your toenails.
Once the basecoat has dried apply the nail polish of your choice.
Allow it to dry and top it off with top coat. 


Getting creative

It's no secret that I love the internet! I get mostly all my inspiration from either sentences, photos or articles I find online. I create a lot of my stuff online, such as the mustaches in my Movember post, my photo on the home page and my gadgets tabs.

My three favourite websites to get super creative when it comes to photos or pictures are:

PicMonkey (creative and customize your own collages)

Photobucket (where you can do anything with your photos from adding a filter, text or a sticker)

BeFunky (which provides you with a range of filters and effects to apply to your photos).

I just love taking ordinary photos and changing them into something fresh and exciting!


It's all about the Ombré

Ombré designs, patterns and trends have been popping up everywhere lately. The word Ombré is French and means "shade." Today when someone refers to Ombré they are talking about something which starts out in one colour and then slowly morphs into another colour. Ombré has started influencing everything from fashion, décor, hair colour, nails, baking to crafts and I'm pretty sure there is more that can be added to this list. In one of my many random internet searches (I can sit and search different ideas, inspirations and trends for hours on end), I came across some of these beautiful Ombré inspired things. I'm even in the process of organising a Pinterest board for it.


Longer lasting manicure

I love a manicure as much as the next girl but I do find that keeping my nails looking perfect 24/7 is more of a challenge than anything else. I would love to be one of those girls that can pop into a salon once a week to get her nails done but it can get a little pricey. Thankfully though I have found a way to make my manicure last as long as possible, on average my manicure holds for about two weeks. These are my tips which will help keep your nails pretty and make your manicure last.

Make sure the surface of your nails is perfectly clean. Nail polish holds better to completely dry and polish-free nails. So try to use a lint-free cotton pad and nail polish that is acetone-free.
Paint a base coat over your nail but make sure that it is painted on smoothly and has no bumps or air bubbles.
When you paint your nails make sure to apply nail polish right up to the tip of the nail and over the edge. It should look as if you have painted all the way from the top of your nail over the edge and under the nail. Finish off the whole look with a good quality topcoat.
Try to avoid heat and water for 12 hours after you have painted your nails. It will help the nail polish to dry completely.
Apply oil to your nails and cuticles on a daily basis. This is because cuticle oil contains vitamin E and other essential ingredients that are designed to add moisture back into your nails and help prevent them from chipping or splitting.

Well there you have it, some tricks and tips to help you achieve the perfect home manicure.


DIY: Plaited bracelets

Bracelets, I love making them and looking up different ways of making them. This past weekend I sat down and made some plaited bracelets and what I enjoyed most about these is that they are so quick and easy to do. The plaited format is also an added bonus for using different colours and getting super creative. 

What you'll need:
Lobster clasps
Box clasps
Cotton cord


Cut three lengths of the different colours (three colours) of cotton cord. 
Using the box clasp pinch the nine strands together. 
Link the lobster clasp and chain together.

Start plaiting the strands together and loop each of cords through one of the chain links. 

Once you have plaited the cords all the way through pinch together using a box clasp.
Add a lobster claps to the last link in the chain and your bracelet is done, as easy as that.



Each year for the month of November guys from across the world stop shaving and grow moustaches, with some guys getting really creative with their facial hair. This annual facial phenomenon is known as Movember. The aim of Movember is to raise funds and awareness around men’s health, in particular for prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Guys here in South Africa are encouraged to head over to Movember and Sons where they can register as an individual or team and raise as much funds as possible for the cause. The 31st of October is the last time any of these men will have clean shaven faces for the next 30 days. Now I cant grow facial hair like a guy but I did have some fun putting together these coloured moustaches in honour of this great initiative.  

The Handlebar

The Sheriff

The Chevron 

The imperial 

The professor

The Hungarian

The English