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Summer is all about wearing beautiful dresses, skirts and shorts with a cute pair of sandals or wedges. With these outfits comes a need for smooth and healthy looking legs, because the better your legs look, the more comfortable you will feel wearing that pair of shorts or that knee length skirt. Having to shave your legs can however can be a massive pain sometimes, with some women saying that they shave as often as everyday. Over the years I have picked up various tips from various magazines and online articles about how to keep your legs smooth and looking healthy during summer. 

Try exfoliating your legs before you shave them. This will result in longer lasting smooth legs because exfoliation brings the hairs out of their follicles and gets to those tiny hairs trapped under dead skin as well as removes any oils that can be concealing the hairs.

Razors that have multiple blades are the best for the job. Make sure that the blades are always perfectly clean and try to shave in the opposite direction to which the hair is growing. 

Your diet can even affect the growth of your leg hairs, so try to include foods that contain vitamin B6 – like fish and meat, bananas, cabbage and broccoli in your diet.

The most important tip though is moisturize after each and every shower/bath as the skin is still moist and your cream is therefore absorbed properly. Body butter containing soy helps to stunt the growth and shrink the diameter of the hair shafts. With these tips and tricks you should have summer days filled with smooth and hair free legs. 

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