Pumpkin decor

Whenever you watch a movie about Halloween or a scary movie surrounding Halloween, the one thing that always seems to feature in these movies, is decorated or carved pumpkins. There will be a scene of either the characters carving pumpkins or various scenes showing the front of people's houses with carved pumpkins lining the porch steps or patios. 

Carving and decorating pumpkins for Halloween is not as popular here in South Africa as it seems to be in other countries, but it has always represented Halloween to me. I think it could be something fun (and probably harder than it seems) to try. I predict though, that if I were to give it a try my pumpkin would end up looking a bit lopsided (yes carving wasn't my strong point in grade eight and nine art classes). These are some of the carved or decorated pumpkins that I would like to try though. 

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