Cotton me on

Like any girly girl, I absolutely love clothes. I can sit and fantasise about clothes and various outfits all day long. It is easy to say I live for clothes; I do not necessarily follow all the trends but rather try and create unique combinations of my own. Having been to Dubai and experienced clothing stores such as Forever21 and H&M, some of the local stores were just not doing it for me anymore.

WARNING, I will not take responsibility for getting you addicted...lol!

I was therefore over moon when I then discovered the beautiful world of COTTON ON.

COTTON ON however is not a South African brand but rather Australian. I do have to admit that I’m not too phased about which region it is from but rather the fact that it is available to me here in my hometown. It really helps a girl’s budget when you don’t have to pay for shipping charges.

I visited one of the store located here in Johannesburg and went crazy over all the beautiful items. Ok, crazy is maybe putting it too nicely; let’s just say my boyfriend (who was with me in the shop) has decided I officially have a serious clothes problem, well that’s more politely put than the way he originally phrased it.

I highly recommend this store to any girl, especially now for winter as they have some beautiful boots, jeans, coats and blazers. Oh and not to mention the pjs and not the granny kind that your mother things you should wear.