Tricks of the trade

I just absolutely love clothes, shoes and accessories.

I really have to restrain myself when I walk past a shop which sells any of the above as I always manage to walk out with something. It’s actually ridiculous, and according to my dad I have a serious problem. So I have for the past two years placed myself on a strict budget of how much I can spend on what.

I even went as far as setting up an excel spread sheet that I fill out for each month, so I can see exactly where all my money has gone. It was a real shocker at first because it made me really see how much money I was wasting on unnecessary items.

Along with budgeting I have also learnt a few tricks when it comes to taking care of my shoes and clothes. I have even learnt a few handy tricks when it comes to washing /repairing my clothes and how to ensure they last twice as long.  I am going to be sharing these tips with you, because I really feel they have helped me out a lot.
Always wash your jeans inside out as this protects the colour 

 All some deodorants (with the combination of sweat) tend to leave those ugly yellow marks on your shirt. Soak the affected area in a vinegar/water solution (1 tablespoon of vinegar for every cup of water).
When you buy a new pair of shoes, before you wear them, take them to a cobbler and have them add a rubber sole as this will make the shoe last longer.
      If you have a pair of shoes of which the sole is completely worn, instead of throwing them out and buying another pair rather take them to be re-soled and you will save having to spend money on another pair. 
 If you have anything suede that has picked up colour transfer from anything, you can fix this by brushing over the affected area with a nail file.
   Patent leather is rather sturdy, but can sometimes get a small stain here and there. Take a cotton swab, dip it in some nail polish remover and brush it over the stain.

Hope these tips, will help you as much as they have helped me.